The Yang of Lady S

Why am I considered the Yang?

It is said of me that I am considered the Yang of the Lady S adventure.

I draw this energy from my hereditary genes. My dad, who would have been 79 today, was a man with a strong character, loving his wife and two daughters. He has transmitted to me many of his qualities, including sociability; he was extrovert and smiling, he enjoyed a friendly drink with his friends, partying and dancing with our mom.

He was a great dancer, he taught me, the waltz of Vienna, the rock’n roll and the tango, I loved to dance with him as a child, I followed his footsteps and still today, when I have the opportunity, I dance and drink a friendly drink with my friends!

My dad guided me in my choices of higher education, he directed me towards studies in finance and management and he was right, I was made for that, he knew me very well, it was a stern father but always benevolent.

He also transmitted me fundamental values ​​when one became an entrepreneur, that is to say, the perseverance, the tenacity, the strength to continue towards the objectives even if sometimes it is difficult, always to trust by oneself and in his own capacity, to find in the depths of his guts the strength to fight, to stand out.

This strength comes from him. I am proud of that part of him that is rooted in me.

His death is no pain for me because he lives through me and when I dance, he dances with me in thoughts.

Yang represents the masculine side with the qualities of my dad who are inside me, the sense of business, passionate discussions, the joy of living with the meaning of the party, the smile of my soul to offer through from the Lady S collection.

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