Confidence of Lady S

I want to share a secret with you regarding the making of Lady’s cocktails.

Lady S Pink and Cherry cocktails are 20% alcoholic. The alcohol used is brandy produced from beans and flavored with juniper berries. Juniper is a shrub with purple-blue berries and spiny leaves. In Belgium, juniper is classified “Natura 2000”, it is forbidden to cut it.

Legend has it that anyone who bites a juniper berry every day will be spared from the disease!

Warning!!! I don’t recommend you to abuse alcohol to be healthy … All of us know that “the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health and is to consume with moderation”

This is why we preferred the 20 cl format for cocktails of Lady S. We wanted to highlight the quality of the ingredients. In friendship as in love it isn’t the quantity but the quality of the sharing which is important.

So I recommend that you savor the Lady S cocktails responsibly, feel the gustatory emotions and enjoy a special moment with your family or friends as a unique way to offer them a gift of joy, love and happiness.

Be certain that if this magical moment occurs, we will be happy to have been able to contribute because our goal when creating of Lady S was to share our smile with you.

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