Who’s Lady S ?

Two sisters created Lady S. Laurence and Marie-France Genot wanted to work, share and develop professionally together.

Like Yin and Yang, they are complementary in their differences and united by their very strong family ties. It is pure happiness for them to be in accord and to be so complicit.

Laurence may be represented as Yang. She is extroverted. She is the initial carrier of the concept. She ‘s at the origin of the receipts and manages the general strategy of the company.

She ensures communication with the various partners. She is experienced in business management with a career of more than 20 years in the field of finance and management consulting.

In 2016 to have fun, she created the range Smile Friendly Drinks.

On Valentine’s Day 2017, she wanted to give a new dimension to her creations so that they could become more elegant and luxurious. She decided to collaborate actively with her sister.

Marie-France may be represented as Yin. She ‘s introverted. She manages all the graphic creativity of the brand Lady S.

She expresses herself through elegant visuals. She is in charge of technical operations, computer graphics and administration.

She knows her little sister very well, which allows her to reflect her thoughts in visual creations.

Their Mother was very fond of Audrey Hepburn, the famous Hollywood actress who embodied elegance and refined glamour.

In homage to their Mother, the two sisters decided to choose this Lady with a charismatic Smile as inspiration to create the universe of Lady S.

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